Automated Software For Just $150 $130!!
Automations set up for you out of the box. Get the software you deserve!
All the Features You Want Without the Hassle to Set Up
Automation built-in our software - No Zap or Active Campaign Required!

Easy Upload of Identity IQ
Available via 1-click Import

Easy Import of SmartCredit
Available via 1-click Import

Easy Import of Privacy Guard
and their New Format

Available via 1-click Import

Easy Import of MyFreeScoreNow
Available via 1-click Import

1-Click Import
Import credit reports within seconds
with a single click of a button.

SMS to Clients
when scores increase and
when items are deleted / repaired

Agreement Reminders
to help clients login and sign
* Included Free!

Client Reminders
to upload their Id and documents
* Included Free!

Appointment Reminders
Help keep your schedule
* Included Free!

Voicemail to Clients
welcome to your program
* VM Requires

Payment Reminders
sent for unpaid invoices
* Included Free!

Admin Alerts
when clients sign up
* Included Free!

Fast Client Migration
send us your clients in Excel/CSV and
we'll import them into our system

Zapier Support
for advanced integration of systems
* Included Free!

Automation & Campaigns
Email and Text Messages
* Included Free!

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Powerful software that grows with your business!

Credit Audit/Analysis Letter
allows you to bill for work done

Statute of Limitations
calculated on each account

Good Faith Estimate
for Pay Per Delete clients

Built in Calendar
to manage your appointments

Client Signature
letters print real signature

Client Dashboard
for clients to track their progress

DIY Capability
allow clients to repair their credit

Secure 256-bit SSL Portals

Affiliate Login
for partners of your business

White Label
Use your URL on the portals

Credit Card Payments
Processed thru Authorize.Net

Bank Draft
for bank payment from your clients

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Templates out of the box and custom for your business!

Agreement Templates
add your logo and custom wording

Dispute Letter Templates
use, modify or upload your own

Credit Audit/Analysis Letter
customize and add personal touch

Welcome Letter
send login and link to your portal

Invoice Letter
link to your payment processor

Screening Questions
to help filter potential clients

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Tutorials and Walk-Throughs
available on our YouTube channel,
and more videos to come

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to be added to our group

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with the latest news

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Outsource Partners

Outsource your work and focus on growing your brand.
We highly recommend the following partners:

CER Financial is a trusted company that has been using Credit Admins since our public launch.
Contact them directly to fulfill your outsourcing needs.

Nationwide Credit Experts has stellar reviews from
our most discerning clients.
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Branding Partners

Establish your brand with best-in-class logos, content, and designs.
We recommend The Credit Supply.
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Start Up Info

Need information on how to start your buisness? Building Your Hustle is a trusted resource for building your entire business from ground zero. They help you get your affiliations established, including Identity IQ and others, to help generate additional revenue and further your educational needs. Contact them directly to get your additional programs put in place.
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Video Conference
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which automations come out of the box?
A: CreditAdmins does the following automations right out of the box: Welcome emails, Client Agreement delivery, New Sign up alerts, Reminders to accept agreement, Reminders to upload Id, Bill, and Monitoring info, Appointment alerts, Invoice delivery, Reminders to pay invoice, Text message when scores increase, Text message when items are repaired / deleted.
Q: Does it cost extra to send emails or text messages?
A: No, CreditAdmins does not charge extra for emails or text messages.  They are included in your monthly fee.  
Q: Can voice messages be automated?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins can automate sending voice messages. You have to sign up with and record your voice messages, then we can send them to your clients.  You cover the cost for your account.
Q: Can I create my own automations?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins allows you to create your own email and voice automations based on events, such as: Initial Sign Up,  Agreement Signed, Appointment Date, Invoice Created, Invoice Due Date, and more.
Q: Do the email, text, or voice automations requirement to have or use Zapier or Active Campaign?
A: No, CreditAdmins does not need or use Zapier or Active Campaign. Our software performs the automations itself.
Q: Does your software have a Credit Audit / Analysis?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins has an Audit / Analysis letter ready as soon as you import the credit report. It lists all the negatives on the report and gives some education in a document.
Q: Can the Credit Audit / Analysis letter be created for manually entered credit reports?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins will create an Audit / Analysis letter whether you manually added or imported a credit report.
Q: Can I add a logo to the Audit / Analyis letter?
A: Yes, you can add a logo. We have an letter for you out of the box, but you can customize the letter by adding images, changing the verbiage, etc.
Q: Do you integrate with Acuity?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins can link to your Acuity calendar, receive your appointments, and run automation based on your appointments.
Q: Can you manually add dispute letters?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins allows you to add your own dispute letters. We also have dispute letters available for you out of the box.
Q: Can you manually add a credit report?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins allows you to manually add credit reports.
Q: Can the client agreement be modified?
A: Yes, you can modify the client agreement we provide, or you can add your own client agreement.
Q: Does your software have a DIY module for clients?
A: Yes, you can activate the DIY module on an individual client basis.
Q: Does the DIY module cost extra?
A: No, CreditAdmins does not charge extra for the DIY module. It's included in the monthly fee whether you use it or not.
Q: How do I make a client a DIY Client?
A: Open their client screen, click the DIY checkbox, and press Save.
Q: Is your software easy to learn?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins is intuitive and easy to navigate. And the workflow is described in the client screen to help you process each client.
Q: Can the workflow be modified?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins is flexible and allows you to customize the workflow per your business requirements.
Q: Does your software allow Pay Per Delete?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins allows you to invoice monthly or pay per delete.
Q: Do you have an estimate for Pay Per Delete clients?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins has Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and you can configure your own pricing.
Q: Can the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) be embedded in the Client Agreement?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins allows you to easily embed GFEs into the client agreement templates.
Q: Can I suspend service for a client without deleting the client?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins allows you to deactivate or delete the client. Deactivated clients won't be able to log into the portal, but you will be able to reactivate them.
Q: How is the Statute of Limitations calculated?
A: CreditAdmins looks for the Last Payment Date on the credit report. If it is blank it looks at the most recent payment in the Payment History. If it is blank it looks for the Date Opened on the account. Then CreditAdmins determines if the account is Promisory, Open Ended, or Written. Promisory are installment accounts, mortgages, auto, and loans. Open Ended are revolving and credit accounts. Written are medical and everything else that doesn't fall into the other 2 categories. Then we largely rely on data from to determine the length of the statute of limitations based on the client's current State, and we add those number of years to the Date found on the account.
Q: Do you guarantee that the Statue of Limitations is accurate?
A: No. Although is mostly reliable, the Statute of Limitations could be affected by other factors such as inaccurate credit reporting, the client's current State isn't the State where the debt was incurred, or the account could be misidentified. It is ultimately your responsibility to do your due diligence in speaking with the client to help them avoid lawsuits from creditors.
Q: Do you offer a trial of your software?
A: CreditAdmins has a fully functional sandbox where you can use the system hands on, add clients, import reports, create dispute letters, print the letters, and update the statuses. The sandbox is open to other users, so the data you upload here is not private. Access to the sandbox is limited to one week, and you can sign up for access by:
1) Friend us on Facebook
2) Click here to get access to the sandbox: Get Sandbox Access
Q: What are the terms and conditions of your software?
A: CreditAdmins publishes their terms and conditions at this link:
Q: Do you have a Portal?
A: Yes, CreditAdmins give you a client portal, a corporate portal, and an affiliate portal. Your clients use the client portal. You and your employees use the corporate portal. Your affiliates use the affiliate portal.
Q: Are your portals secure?
A: Yes, they are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption for data in transit. Data at rest is encrypted at Microsoft Azure data centers.
Q: How do I give clients access to the portal?
A: Clients that sign up on their own will set their own password and immediately have portal access to submit their documents to you. While clients that you add in the corporate portal will have to Pass screening in order to receive a Welcome letter which contains a link for them to set their password and log into the client portal.
Q: Do you offer white label for your portals?
A: Yes. White Label is when we remove "creditadmins" from the URL and we use your domain for clients to access the portals. This helps to establish your brand and also allows your clients to focus on your website instead of wandering off to check out There is a yearly fee to setup white label.

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